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iPhone 4 – The top ten most breakable parts

Posted by Libby French under iPhone 4 on Wednesday May 21, 2014


The iPhone 4 was released in 2010, and since then, the phones have been everywhere. Two specially modified iPhone 4′s were even taken into space, so astronauts could perform special experiments on the International Space Station.  Apple introduced a smartphone that looked better and worked harder than any other smartphone on the market at the time.

It’s no surprise, then, that you have demonstrated such devotion to your iPhone 4. With its unprecedented power and usability, the iPhone 4 quickly became an indispensable tool for all of its millions of users. It’s been on the market and in use for so long that it’s also no surprise that iPhone 4 can take a bit of a knock from time to time.

If you have an iPhone 4, you know what we’re talking about. The screen may have shattered when you dropped it just the wrong way. The audio jack may have given way when you pushed in your headphones just a little too enthusiastically. Perhaps your iPhone 4 froze, and the power button accidentally took the brunt of your frustration.

Whatever the harm your iPhone 4 has endured, you likely aren’t alone. In fact, we’ve discovered the top ten most breakable parts of the iPhone 4, and we’ve outlined them below.

We did this by looking at the repairs iPhone repairers most commonly do, and we’ve used this data to create the infographic below. To see the top ten most commonly broken iPhone 4 parts and discover whether or not your iPhone has a common injury, read on.


iphone4 copy 2



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Using AssistiveTouch

Posted by Libby French under iPhone 5 on Sunday May 18, 2014

iOS: Using AssistiveTouch

If the home or power button on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod is physically incapable of being pressed don’t worry It’s a fairly cheap repair on most models but you can use an accessibility feature called Assistive Touch to enable a virtual home button instead,

To Enable AssistiveTouch on your device

Tap Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch.

Once this is done, a small unobtrusive white dot will appear on your screen:


The dot stays on the screen over any app at all times, and can be moved to any corner of the screen.

Now when you need to use your home button, or lock the screen you can simply tap on the dot, and a menu will appear like this

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Top gadgets for music loving iPhone owners

Posted by Libby French under iPhone 5 on Tuesday Dec 17, 2013


If you’re mad about music the good news is your iPhone has a feature-packed operating system that can be connected to a range of other devices. We’ve taken a look at some of the gadgets that are available right now to help you make music with the phone.


1. IK MultiMedia Irig: This clever device is a guitar and bass interface that enables you to connect your guitar straight into your phone. Use it with a range of apps and you can record your performance, add effects, tune the guitar and impress all your mates at the same time.

IK MultiMedia Irig

2. Rode smartLav Microphone: Need a portable microphone that’s gives you professional audio quality and plugs straight into your iPhone? Use the wearable microphone from Rode then, it’s easy to wear, comfy and discreet and gives you great audio quality at an affordable price.

3. CME XKEY Keyboard: How many times do you wish you had a portable keyboard handy when you feel inspired to write songs? Now you can with the CME keyboard that’s ideal for mobile phones. This super slim, lightweight keyboard has 25 standard sized keys and it’s bound to be popular with piano players that love to make music on the go.CME XKEY Keyboard

4. Digitech Istomp guitar pedal: Want to use a range of guitar pedals direct from your iPhone? Buy the Digitech Istomp effects pedal then and it allows you to download more than 20 different pedals via the Digitech Stomp shop App. Why limit your options when you can try out a range of custom pedals using your iPhone as the middle man. digitech istomp

5. Bose Soundlink Mini speaker: How are you going to listen to all the festive songs you have stored on your iPhone this Christmas? How about through the Bose mini speaker that fits right into the palm of your hand? This little guy punches way above his weight, he might be small but connect him wirelessly to your iPhone and you can listen to music as it’s meant to be anytime you like.

Bose Soundlink Mini speaker

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5 of the best iPhone cases

Posted by Libby French under iPhone 5 on Tuesday Dec 10, 2013

One of the easiest ways to keep your iPhone protected is to pop it inside a case. This way it’ll have extra protection if you manage to drop it on the floor, which you will at some point! Choosing the right case isn’t easy though so we’ve scoured the market and come up with some suggestions that you might like to try.


    1. Kouros Torque: Made from gorgeous leather materials and available in a host of colours this case will certainly look after your iPhone during its lifetime. You can slot your phone straight into the case and you don’t even have to remove it to charge because the clever designers have left holes in the case to make access easier. Costs about £41 though so not the cheapest but one of the best.




    1. Incipio Kicksnap: This case is made from polycarbonate so it’s tough enough to cope with pretty much anything you care to throw at the iPhone. Okay you might not want to dip it in acid or drive over it with a JCB but the case is great for everyday knocks. Comes with a funky built-in stand and costs around £22.


incipio kicksnap

    1. Otterbox Defender: Another polycarbonate case but this time it also has silicone materials as well so you get total protection for the side, back and front of the phone. It’s tougher than your dad, really caring like you mum and you can pick one up for just under £40.


iPhone 5 Otterbox

    1. Pantone Universe: This is a clip and go case made with polycarbonate and silicone and it has a rather slinky satin-finish flap. It feels like a solid case that’s not going to break on its maiden voyage and it’s in the shops for £22.


  1. Griffin Beamhaus: Like suede and leather? You’ll love the Griffin Beamhaus Pocket then. The outside is leather, the inside is suede and the case looks more like a slim wallet or a funky purse. It even has slots for cash or cards so you’ll never be short of money as you look after your phone. Actually you will because it costs £39.


Griffin beamhaus

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How to change your iPhone wallpaper in easy steps

Posted by Libby French under iPhone 5 on Tuesday Dec 10, 2013

Once you get a new iPhone home you’ll want to personalise some of its features and that includes the wallpaper that comes as standard with the phone. Changing the look of the phone is easy, we’ll talk you through it in this blog and that should make things a little easier.
1. Open the settings menu: Take a quick tour of your iPhone and look for the settings menu. You can navigate to the menu straight from the home screen and it isn’t too difficult to find.
2. Choose Brightness and Wallpaper: This will show you the existing wallpaper and screen saver you have on your phone and you then have a number of choices. Click on this option.
3. Pick a standard wallpaper: Apple will have already placed a number of wallpapers on your phone so simply scroll through to find a different one you like the look of.
4. Choose a photo instead: You might want to use one of the pictures you have taken with the phone instead so scroll through the options you have available.
5. Pick something from the App store: If you can’t see any wallpapers or pictures you like on your phone go the App store and you’ll have thousands of images to choose. You’ll be spoilt for choices in the App store and can pick and choose different wallpapers for different times of the year and seen as Christmas is just around the corner, we’d like to suggest an option that’s proving to be very popular at the moment.
6. Download the Christmas countdown wallpaper: It’s perfect for the holiday season! Pick a live wallpaper that has a countdown to Christmas day. Your phone will display a festive tree along with a clock that counts down daily, hourly, minute-by-minute and second-by-second to the big day.

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5 of the weirdest iPhone accessories

Posted by Libby French under iPhone 5 on Tuesday Dec 3, 2013

If the weirdest accessory you have ever bought for your iPhone is an imitation cow skin case (you can buy them!) then the following items might come as a bit of s shock. Prepare to be flabbergasted as we trawl through a few strange accessories that you could genuinely buy for iPhones over the last couple of years.

  1. Portable amplifier horn stand: What on earth? If you want to add 13 decibels of sound to your iPhone’s speakers this is the product to buy. Connect your phone to the silicone stand, play what you want and get ready to hear the neighbours hammering on your door.
  2. The iBottle opener: How many times have you picked up a beer bottle and thought, I know I’ll use my iPhone to take off the bottle top? Bet it’s not happened very often and that’s because you didn’t have an iBottle opener which is actually a case with a bottle opener in the back. Why would you?
  3. iPhone hoodie: No it’s not a joke, you can actually get hoodies for iPhones that look just like a traditional phone sock with a little hoodie attached. Great if your phone likes wearing street wear, not so good if you take your phone into business meetings.
  4. iPhone toilet paper docking station: You couldn’t make it up! Dock your phone when you spend a penny and go through your playlist as you powder your nose. Wonder how many of these made it into customer homes?
  5. Lego iPhone case: What’s the most impractical material you could make an iPhone case out of? How about Lego? Surely, the last thing you want to wrap your phone in is a load of plastic bricks. Yet somebody thought it would be a great idea to come up with a Lego phone case. We think it’s a bit tacky but at least you can make other things with it when you get bored!
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iPhone 5c and 5s parts

Posted by Libby French under iPhone 5 on Wednesday Nov 27, 2013

iPhone 5c and 5s parts have been despatched to us, we should receive them next week. Good news if you have dropped your new iPhone 5 already


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5 Apps To Make Life A Little Easier

Posted by Libby French under iPhone 5 on Thursday Oct 10, 2013

We all have such busy lifestyles these days, it’s hard to fit everything in that we want to do. One of the principal benefits of the iPhone is that it enables us to make the most of even the smallest bit of spare time we can find! How about using your commute home from work to do your grocery shopping online? These are our favourite 5, based on the iTunes lifestyle app chart:


Asda – The free Asda shopping app is a quick and easy way to do your grocery shopping wherever you are. You can shop from all departments with the app, and it even has a barcode scanner so you can scan products and add them to your order. The app enables you to easily see your order history and you can amend an order up to 11pm the night before the delivery is due, so don’t worry if you’ve forgotten something! The Asda app also enables you to easily check your order with the Asda Price Guarantee to ensure you’re getting the best value.

Argos – The Argos app gives you access to a catalogue of over 25000 products wherever you are. It enables you to check stock at your local store, reserve items for store pickup, order items for home delivery, read product reviews from other customers, and share things directly to Facebook or Twitter.



Vouchercloud – This free app enables you to search and browse a range of categories from Restaurants, Pubs and Bars to Films  and Theatre, Retail and Leisure. There are 1000s of exclusive offers from some big name companies. An additional bonus of Vouchercloud is that it also uses GPS to search for deals and offers near to you while you’re out and about!

Ebay – The free Ebay app enables you to browse 1000s of listings, bid and buy, and even sell on the go. With the barcode scanner you can scan an item and quickly search for it on Ebay to compare prices. You can set up notifications so that you’ll be alerted if you’re outbid on an item, if you’ve won an item, if you’ve received a message and more. The app also enables you to easily share items from Ebay via SMS, email, Facebook or Twitter.


Yell Search – With the free Yell app you can search for local businesses on the move. For example if you’re out and about and not familiar with the area you can quickly search for somewhere to go for lunch, the nearest petrol station etc, and the results will be displayed on an interactive map. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for you can quickly call the business with a single tap, or save their details into your phone’s contacts for future use.

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iOS Vs Android

Posted by Libby French under iPhone 5 on Tuesday Oct 8, 2013
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5 Of The Best iPhone Games

Posted by Libby French under iPhone 5 on Monday Sep 30, 2013

Of course we all know how much the iPhone can do to enhance our lives, it’s like having a personal assistant in your pocket. But as well as being home to our calendar, email, texting, social media and a plethora of apps that offer everything but the hoovering, the iPhone also has thousands of gaming apps. Why spend your daily commute to work by checking emails when you could be getting a high-score in Angry Birds? Here’s our pick of 10 of the best iPhone games on the market:


Bumpy Road – This game has such a simple premise yet the narrative behind it is very endearing. A couple in their autumn years take a ride in their car. The aim of the game is to guide them along the road, avoiding bumps, and collecting black and white photos of their memories along the way. You can view the photos in a slide show, revealing a touching love story.

Puzzle Craft – Based around mining and farming, this game involves a series of puzzles for the player to work through. Completing these puzzles unlocks resources to enable you to build new buildings and new tools which you’ll need to tackle the higher level puzzles. The ultimate goal of the game is to build yourself a kingdom using the resources that you’ve farmed and mined.

Candy Crush Saga – The aim of the game is to match 3 or more of the same candy in order to achieve the goals like clearing all the jelly or getting ingredients to drop through the board. This game can also be linked with your Facebook account so you can play with your friends. A warning though, it’s highly addictive!


Cut The Rope – The game begins with you opening your door to a package containing a cute little green monster with a penchant for sweets. Your job is to choose which rope to cut to make the candy drop down into his hungry little mouth. Each level takes a matter of seconds to complete but with over 300 levels it’s the perfect time-filler while you wait for the bus.

Plants Vs Zombies – With catchy music, great presentation and a great sense of humour this game will certainly put a smile on your face. The game premise places you in the middle of a zombie invasion in which you must fight off the hoards of undead by using plants! Crazy and addictive, and still gaining popularity since its release in 2009!

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